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Are you looking to build a new computer system but don't know where to start? Perhaps you are not comfortable starting from scratch but would rather have a base to start from. If so, you might want to consider barebones PC systems. A barebones PC is a bare computer kit that comes with some basic components to start building from.

Besides building a new computer from a barebones PC, you can also upgrade from one. Just take the computer parts from your old system and install them in a barebones PC to complete the system.

There are many different configurations of barebones PC systems available. They can include a combination of a case, motherboard, CPU, memory, hard drive, video card, mouse, keyboard or other computer parts. What you choose to include or not include depends on what you are most interested in customizing. If you are interested in choosing your own video card and CPU, then you should get a barebones PC without those components. Whatever the type of configuration may be, you will get at least a case and a motherboard. From there, you will have to add parts to the barebones PC to make it a completely operational computer.

A barebones PC can come in different shapes and sizes too. One popular alternative to the standard tower case is a mini PC system. A mini PC, or small form factor system, is about half the height of a mid tower case. Mini barebones PCs are sometimes called ice cube barebones because of the cubed shape of some of the systems.

So why would one want a mini PC? The two main reasons are to save space and better portability. The savings in space allows you to easily hide away the box or fit it in small areas. The portable design makes it perfect for transporting in carry bags and taking it from place to place.

Despite its small size, mini PCs still offer great performance and features. Mini PCs usually have integrated audio, video and ethernet, but also have expansion slots including an AGP port to add a powerful 3D video card. They also handle the latest Intel and AMD processors with no problem.

Start your shopping by selecting from the menu on the left. I have links to popular barebone configurations for AMD and Intel systems.

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CybertronPC Forge Barebones - AMD Quad-Core FX 4100 3.60GHz, 8GB DDR3, No HDD, No ODD, NO OS, (TBB1223C)
  • CybertronPC Forge Barebones - AMD Quad-Core FX 4100 3.60GHz, 8GB DDR3, No HDD, No ODD, NO OS, (TBB1223C)

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